Frequently Asked Questions

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Personal and Service Member Information

After you have submitted your personal information and application, the STA staff will verify your information. Verified personal information is read-only. Please contact the STA staff when you need any changes.

My Application

The icon is not displayed when the STAP Window is Closed, or you are not eligible for Tuition Assistance. Contact the office if you believe these conditions are not met.
If the status of your application is ‘Submitted’ you can click on Create/Update My Application on the Homepage. When you are in the Application part, click on ‘Change’. Do not forget to submit again when you are done.

If the STA staff has reviewed your application (status ‘Pending’, ‘Approved’, or other) then please contact the STA office.

Only schools that have an agreement with the VA National Guard are in the list. Please contact the STA Office.

Tuition Assistance

To apply for Tuition Assistance, you need to request a number of credit hours. Schools can only send an invoice for the number of credit hours you actually took, but with a maximum equal to the requested hours. If you applied for 8 credit hours and took only 5, the Tuition Assistance that is paid to the school will be based on the 5 hours. If you earned 10 credit hours, Tuition Assistance will be paid for 8 credit hours as that is the amount you were approved for.
The school will not send us an invoice because you are not taking any classes. You will not be recouped but please let us know if there are any changes to your approved application, so we can adjust the information.
Religious training or theological education is excluded from Tuition Assistance; an individual course on religion, such as a world overview course, is authorized for reimbursement.
If you are approved for Tuition Assistance, the grant is determined by the amount of Credit Hours that you requested, degree you are working on, and the college that you applied for, as well as available funding. The STAP Office will pay the school directly.
Refer to the STA office for a detailed explanation. You will be recouped if you do not submit your grades within 30 days after the semester ends, or when you fail a class. You will also be recouped when you do not fulfill your 2 year obligation with the National Guard.

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