Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions, head to the contact page to reach out to us!
My account is locked

Please contact the Education Office to unlock your account. When you do not remember your password, use the Forgot Password feature on the login page.

My email address has changed

Please contact the Education Office to change your email address. Your email address is also your username, and it is used to send the signature package and notes on your records.

How can I change my personal information, e.g. address or email?

After you have submitted your personal information and request for reimbursement, the Education Office staff will verify your information. Verified information is read-only. Please contact the Education Office when this information needs to be changed.

The ‘Create/Update My Request’ button on the homepage does not work?

The button on the homepage is greyed out when the window is closed.

How can I change/withdraw my request?

If the status of your request is ‘Submitted’, you can click on ‘Change’. This will change your request status back to ‘New’. Do not forget to submit your request again. Please contact the Education Office, if they have already reviewed your application or if you would like to withdraw your request.

Can I apply when I have not yet finished Basic Training?

You must have completed Basic Combat Training, Basic Military Training, or ROTC Advanced Camp to be able to apply. You can create an account in the system and apply later. 

Can an awarded grant be recouped?

An awarded State Tuition Assistance Grant may be recouped should the service member fail to fulfill their continued 2-year service obligation with the Virginia National Guard. 

I do not live in Virginia, but I am a member of the Virginia National Guard.
Can I apply? 

Newly enlisted out of state recruits attending residential courses at a Virginia school are eligible for a Virginia state tuition assistance. Recruits must understand that in-state tuition rates are not guaranteed; each school applies its own policies regarding in-state tuition.

Can I combine Virginia state tuition assistance with federal tuition assistance? 

SMs are encouraged to apply for all available forms of federal benefits and Veterans Affairs entitlements prior to applying for state tuition assistance. The programs include FTA (ArmyIgnitED) and the GI Bill CH33. STAG can only be used to pay tuition costs not covered by Federal benefits up to the lesser of either the VANGSTAP cap or the remaining tuition cost balance.

Can I receive state tuition assistance for an online program? 

When the school is approved by the Education Office and has physical location in Virginia, service members can enroll in a DL (Distance Learning) program/courses offered by that school. Service Members currently (before the Spring 2023 semester) awarded a Virginia state tuition assistance grant for an out-of-state DL program before the Spring 2023 semester may continue receiving the STAG through June 30, 2026.

I already have a degree; can I still apply? 

STAG may only be used to complete one degree at each level of study. This includes an associate degree, bachelor’s degree, graduate degree (master’s, doctorate), and licensure/certification as determined by the State Education Office. Vocational courses are not limited by number of credits of degree completion requirements. 

Can I apply for Tuition Assistance for religious courses?

In accordance with the Constitution of Virginia, Article I., Section 16, theological degrees are ineligible for STAG award.